Philsters Ales


A lifetime of dedicated research and pursuit of the perfect pint culminated in the conception and birth of Philsters Ales @ Beehive Brewery in 2014.


No records exist of when the first brew was made at Beehive but it's my guess it would not have taken the thirsty farm workers of the 16th Century too long to get a brew on the go!


The almost sub tropical microclimate of the Haseleys and Miltons in beautiful South East Oxfordshire gives the local barley and wheat the perfect characteristics to form the body, Water from the Chiltern Hills gives the life.​  Our carefully chosen hops from local hedgerows and around the world provide the soul.


Our recipes, passion, traditional brewing techniques, patience, appreciation of what makes a really good beer reflect in everything we brew.  

In 2019 Philsters outgrew Beehive, and can now be found a couple of miles away at Milton Common with bigger kit but the same principles.

Philsters are very proud to be recognised and included in the Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA) Good Beer Guide every year since 2017.

All of the Philsters 2020 range onwards is Vegan.  This is because Philsters refuse to use Isinglass which is the industry standard used to clarify beer (Isinglass is derived from fish swim bladders), which the majority of brewers use (But do not tell you!).  You might not be Vegan, but I'm sure you wouldn't want fishy bits in your beer.


I am overwhelmed by the reponse by you lovely local people Supporting your local brewery with requests for bottles, mini kegs and bags in box is keeping me busy, preparing and delivering beer to keep you lubricated during this difficult time.


Every batch is brewed with minimum impact on the the environment, bottles are hand filled and labelled and re-used if returned clean.  Electricity is sourced from sustainable wind, solar, hydro, and anaerobic digestion generators.  Water is re-cycled, the used barley feeds cattle, and the used hops provide compost for local allotments. 

Taxes and duties are paid in the UK.


Philsters' focus has always been local, but the current state of the world has forced a change. Lock down caused the pubs, clubs and beer festivals to close, and the emerging New Normal is difficult to predict, so we are supporting and supplying the local community at home, with fresh local beer (A bit like it used to be before the macro/global/mega/ factory producers filled the supermarket shelves with cheap, tasteless, yellow fizz) with free delivery of fresh locally produced tasty beer.

As we progress through these difficult times, hopefully we will all appreciate the local world we live in more and support local rather than global...

Think Global - Support Local



Philster and Dave the dog